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2016 Holden Calais review

Let’s cut to the chase: this Calais is a land barge. A luxurious, highly annoying land barge. They should’ve called it the Krispy Kreme edition. Because Holden have dived so deep into the US parts bin, it doesn’t feel like an Aussie car anymore.

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Nissan Qashqai review

Nissan Qashqai review

Babies change everything. Consider me well out of my comfort zone. So for this holiday I decided to rent a safe, reliable Corolla for a trip to Byron Bay. Much to my surprise we were upgraded to a brand new Qashqai. Maybe with a baby this car will make sense. Or is it still a fat girl’s cankle with some bling?

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Vinyl Hero Records Hong Kong

Vinyl digging is always about the journey not the destination. But this may have been my toughest day on the hunt yet. After stumbling by a vintage 70s clothing shop a guy gave me a business card that read PAUL 9841 7136 USED RECORDS Flat D, 5/F Wai Hong Building, 239 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po (Beside MTR Exit C1), Kowloon, Hong Kong. The bloke told me this guy [Paul] had a million records. Hong Kong isn’t much of a rock n roll town. So I eagerly thought maybe this bloke somehow scooped all the cool stuff.  We’ll get to that. First of all, this bloke does have a SHIT LOAD of records. But they’re all in a tiny apartment, stacked almost 5 foot high in places. He has a very old school apartment with no air conditioning. If you want to check out this collection, call the guy first and be very patient. He has to move stuff around just so you can enter the apartment. Remember this is Hong Kong and rent isn’t cheap. We had to wait in the lobby for about 10 minutes until I could squeeze in. DON’T bring wives and girlfriends. There’s no room inside and it’s excruciatingly hot waiting in the foyer. I bought along a toddler and the poor kid lost his mind. Now about the records. The guy loves his pop. There were Spandau Ballet posters everywhere and he seemed to love the Madonna/new romantic vibe. There was heaps of Hong Kong Kitsch but only a few boxes of rock and roll available that day (as I said,... read more

Pete Townshend biography review

Pete is one freaky, freaky man. While this book provides an adequate explanation (I’ll leave it to you whether you think it’s plausible) for getting caught downloading child pornography, he has had a genuinely disturbing upbringing. I’m not sure after reading this book which scares me more. He’s just a weird, disturbed guy. But hey I guess that’s why the songs are so good. What left me even more disturbed was that Pete was the businessman of the group. He wrote all the songs, formed all the companies, cashed all the cheques and did all the wining and dining. One could say he’s an out and out toff. A posh git who likes the finer things in life and only concerns himself with which art format he will consume himself in next. Despite cars, yachts and mansions, he seems not so flamboyant as just plain old bourgeois. So much so he got bored with the who dear boy and left to get a desk job at a reputable publisher. Getting chauffeured to work every day, why of course! While he drank Remy Martin literally by the pint he ultimately saw Keith Moon as a hindrance and embraced his replacement who actually, well played a rhythm and kept time. Reading Townshend’s autobiography was frankly irritating. Like finding out Frank Sinatra secretly practiced dentistry or something. He talks sparingly about guitar trashing, drugs and partying but it’s most underwhelming. The guy clearly is a workaholic and a genius, perhaps he gets bored very quickly. He almost sounds more like Keith Moon’s dad, not band mate. Anyway if you’re a Who fan you’re... read more

Am I restaurant comatose?

Melbourne, you’re incredible. No truly you really are. Every nook and cranny has amazing food. But perhaps for a second, I had an epiphany that I really just don’t care anymore. Here’s why I’m not Instagramming you pictures of my quinoa entree.

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a day out in Yokohama

a day out in Yokohama

Tokyo is enough of a draw card to Japan in itself. So you’re probably wondering why bother with Yokohama? As it turns out there’s heaps to do. It’s far more family friendly and things you just won’t find in Tokyo. Oh and Ramen, glorious ramen.

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