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Roman ruins in Pula

The Roman colusseum in Pula, Croatia

Was going through the photos of the Croatia trip and realised that we left out Pula. Pula is in Istria, north western Croatia, bordering on Slovenia. It’s a cute harbor city that has the sixth largest Roman Colosseum in the world – and a sight to behold at that. Especially the bay views through the Colosseum wall arches. This Colosseum was a far better experience that the world famous Roman one. It’s in much better shape and is still used today as a concert venue.

Aside from the Colosseum, there’s a great archeology museum and a cosmopolitan city. Pula feels like there are a few more cultures represented and feels somewhat more assimilated than other cities. If you’re planning a trip, you could probably do Pula in a day or two. It’s a blindingly good drive from Opatija too! Heaps of twisty mountain roads for the more adventurous driver.

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