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Share the vintage J-Car love

project hakosuka

For those of you that think Japan never made a classic car, look away, smile and think of England. For the freaky small minority of us who love pristine J-tin, brace yourself, the Grand JDM blog is pure car porn.

Last night I found this site looking for info on Toyota Centurys and they had not one but two articles on them. One car was in Australia and for sale! Anyway I haven’t been able to stop looking since. For those of you that don’t know (and for the trendies, frankly I hope you don’t), they’re not made for the status quo. They’re made to look timeless and classic in a similar demeanor to a Rolls Royce. But we don’t like them for that, we love they way they look pimped out on old school rims in that uber classy black paint with silver trim.

It only gets better from there. They have Project Hakosuka (kind of means box-car in Japanese slang), an early seventies Skyline GTR. Worth a read if only to get some advice on the turmoils of importing a vintage car from Japan. It’s insightful to see first hand exactly what those auction grades mean and what culturally passes as a pristine resto in Asia.

Finally (and by no means have I read the whole site …yet) they have links to some of the most awesome vintage car dealers in Japan. Oh yeah and the site is done using the WordPress blog. This site is pure heaven on a stick. Big shout outs to its creator. It’s like the internet’s all new again!

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  1. Heyo Matt,

    Thanks for the great feedback on our blog! It’s always refreshing when yet another new visitor stumbles across grandJDM and takes the time to express their thoughts on it!

    For what it’s worth, you were almost right about “hakosuka” – hako does mean box, but suka is short for the Japanese transliteration of “skyline”. Romanised, the full term is “Sukairain”. If there’s one thing I love, it’s Japanese versions of English words! Heh.

    And Kev’s C10 Skyline is unfortunately merely a GT-R replica rather than the real deal, haha. Still, neither of us is upset about that! Having a replica just means that you can guiltlessly stick your head into the thing and rip and weld at your own leisure 😉

    Thanks again mate, I hope grandJDM keeps you entertained!

    Sidenote: You and I are both Melbournians, how about that. 🙂

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