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New You Am I album imminent

Well I’m all wet and gooey as we speak because I’ve just read Tim Rogers blog (well sort of) and it looks like they begin recording the new album on April 14. Five, count em, FIVE days away! Oh sweet bliss. We’re well overdue for some proper arm swingin’, foot stompin’, Easy Beatin’, pontse and thuggery rock and roll. So before you sleep every night, pray to the rock gods that this will be as much of a cracker as the convicts, album if not better. Shape your hips like you mean it, rock your hair up, polish off all your paraphenalia and let’s hope Timmy, Andy, Rusty and Davey (never noticed the ‘ey thing before) rock it harder than ever.

And it looks like it’s gonna actually be called ‘I’m proud of my gay son’. So all in all, it looks like 2 or 3 months before this bad boy is in the stores – optimistically. This is gonna mean some rough sleeping patterns. In the words of old Big Kev, I’m excited!

In the mean time, support You Am I on the Facebook. Giddy up and become a fan and join the YAI group.

Oh and lo and behold, I just found this. One of the most insightful and interesting short vids I’ve seen of the great man in quite some time, discussing the origin of the Luxury of Hysteria.

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