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Is duty free a rip off?

In my travels in Arequipa Peru, we decided to venture out of tourist town into Normalville. In our travels, we came across a bottle shop, so I took a look.

Wouldn’t you know it, booze is pretty cheap in Peru. A bottle of local rum is about 15 Soles ($5 AUD), Johnny Walker Red 30 Soles ($10) and black label for well under $30 AUD. Even in department stores, they had better prices! So logically wouldn’t you think that the duty free shop would be even cheaper? Not by a long shot. Because these prices aren’t for Joe Gringo. Prices at the duty free airport for a bottle of Johnny Black were about the same as they’d be in Dan Murphys at home. Full retail price!

Naturally this is all a bit of a rort and sadly given that I’m not that well traveled, I’m really curious to see if you’ve com!e across anything similar in your travels. Please leave comments and let me know. Otherwise, if you’re off to Peru, enjoy the cheap booze and leave some space in your suitcase!

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