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New You Am I album released September 12

Finally. I’ve been hanging since Tim Rogers or his Svengali posted something on his Myspace blog back in Marchish this year. But JB-Hifi have the new You Am I album entitled Dilletantes for pre-order. Sadly it’s not be titled I’m Proud of my Gay Son, but they always have had some fun with forthcoming album titles.

Looks like the boys are still on the Virgin label too, which is cool. Check out this new promo shot too. Looks like they are dressing back in their mid nineties grungy roots. At the very least drummer Rusty (second from the right) is lookin’ very Brit pop. Maybe he’s replacing Zack Starkey in Oasis?! Now there’s a rumour…

Anyways can’t wait to hear the new material. If it’s as fresh and ‘fuck you’-ish as Convicts was, it promises to be a schorcher.

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