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The rise of fascism in America

Fascism by loose definition is the government serving in the interests of corporations, you know ‘to make the trains run on time’ and bugger the people they represent. The term comes from the lictor, a whip made of really tight bonded leather fasces, hence Fascism. Now it’s been a while since i’ve studied history but this is basically what I’m talking about here. So forget your Nazi-ism and Stalinism etc, they were differently motivated. America it seems, is all about making everything run smoothly for corporations now.

These two links show footage from your average garden variety protest at the Republican National Convention in St Paul Minnesota. Apparently the convention was held earlier this week.

Video 1. A bunch of peaceful and apparently lawful socialist protestors have about a dozen riot police take aim at them. A steady procession of stun grenades and eventually tear gas are fired, forcing them to walk away several hundred metres. Police it appears at times force them to walk through the tear gas. The protestors and journalists (apparently) are rounded up in a park and arrested en masse over a loud speaker for god only knows what charge [not captured in the video footage].

By this stage, blackshirt riot police way outnumber protesters. But by any stretch, this is far too much force for a punch of peacenik, unarmed, basically sedintary uni students. I’d say it was too much force for a grand final football riot. With the exception of one punk-arsed kid who shouted out ‘seig hail!’ to the dozen or so cops, which hardly warranted the attack. It seemed a pretty valid description if you ask me.

Video 2: A journalist reporting at the RNC with credentials is arrested by the same blackshirt cops for barely crossing a police line. The journalist Amy Goodman was charged with “obstruction of a legal process and interference with a ‘peace officer.'” Two of her producers were arrested for “suspicion of felony riot.”

Whatever your take on these videos, either confrontation frankly meant zero threat to the police involved. Apart from at one point mention of ‘a guy with a rock’, I’m pretty sure every day police in everyday kit could’ve dealt with the threat posed by students. Let alone the fact they had every right to be there. No military required. Makes you wonder whether beneath the black kevlar if these cops were infacy soldiers. Hey! These guys are so tough, allegedly 5 of these blackshirt goons kicked the shit out of a minor they even left a boot mark in his back!

Little wonder all the press go with is a story about Sarah Palin’s daughter’s illegitimate child. No doubt commenting on such stories means i’ll never get to visit the US now. Because apparently their customs/Homeland Security Google you now on entry. You know, for practising the freedom of speech their own constitution awards them. Clearly anyone with a non pro-Republican agenda is an enemy of the corporations and/or interests represented by the Republican Party and must be quashed. Fascism in the making? More in the flesh.

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