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More RNC videos – mass arrests

This vid of a follow up from Video 1 in my previous post: a mass arrest of the proestors and anyone else who happened to be in the park. Now one thing really grabs me about this video. Why was no one read their rights? Isn’t that unconstitutional? No police had visible badges, which begs the question, were they police? Also the cops in riot gear FAR outnumber the protestors. This is truly fear and loathing in America to paraphrase Hunter S Thompson!

Syndicated national press were apparently given gas masks, whilst independent media were rounded up and arrested with the protestors in the confusion. Althought this footage is not conclusive. For all intents, they could’ve been cops or government employees in a quasi-media capacity. At the end of the vid, press were formally asked to leave.

Anyway check it out. From the land of milk and honey you have scenes that make Jakarta or Israel look like a Holiday Inn resort, for people that posed little to no threat to law and order. Wierd.

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