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You Am I – Dilettantes Review

The cover of an album Id love to love. Ill get back to you on that.

The cover of an album I'd love to love. I'll get back to you on that.

If this album was a wine, it would definitely need decanting and be left to breathe for a good hour or two. So far I’ve had one candid listen and for one thing, this does not take up where Convicts left off. This is like Radiohead meets Iggy Pop’s Kill City album. And I HATE Radiohead beyond what blogs can describe.

Recently I got the aforementioned Kill City album as well. Having got into The Stooges, you expect a sonic lump of fuck-youness blaring out of your speakers. What you actually get could almost be described as country tinged in parts, soulful, struttin’ and brutally honest. Dilletantes has that in spades, well except for the country. They might be antipodes of different rock generations but on first listen the albums have a lot in common. This is another postcard on the You Am I journey that’s so far off the main drag, it’s almost hard to tell how they got there.

Dilettantes I hope will be a creeper. One thing you must love about You Am I and Tim Rogers, is that they don’t write to sell records. It’s honest and straight up. And what this album lacks in fuck-youness that Convicts had, it definitely has in a sort of irreverent and infectious ambience that fills loungey bars. God I hope I like this album. I’m not totally convinced yet. Die Thom Yorke.

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