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Ace Frehley unreleased album

OK so I was a Kiss fan, there you go. Before Gene made sweet love to his first dollar, they did write some OK tunes – and about ten thousand shit ones. Anyway, I’ve found this podcast the Classic Metal Show (CMS). And lo and behold, they claim they’ve found an unreleased Ace Frehley solo album.

Now one thing I’ll say is that it’s easy to go Gene bashing. But Ace is usually put on a pederstool. Anyway in the indulgent eighties, it turns out old Ace tried his hand at some lame ass dance material of his own. Why would anyone pay for precious producer time, a recording studio and all that reel to reel tape to not release anything? It beggars belief. It’s kind of disco that was too late for disco, with Ace’s guitar licks all over it.

Then there’s the ‘I like my dolls’ song, which has to be the peak of cocaine addiction if nothing else. Very strange indeed. But it’s mainly boxy bass patterns played on an eighties synthesiser that’s not rock, dance or anywhere near hip hop, but sadly trying to be all three.

You can hear the CMS boys take the piss out of it track by track. A great podcast by the way too boys. I found it on iTunes and thought it may be a tad nostalgic. But it’s objective, a tad cynical and very now. If someone still rocks, they rock. If not they put their snakeskin boot in! Rawk \m/.

If you really are into self aural mutilation, apparently you can find the Ace Frehley demos here. But slash your wrists and rub salt in your wounds instead. It more fashionable with the emos of today and marginally less painful.

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  1. Nice to find other CMS listeners. Chris and Neeley are fucking hilarious. “I Like My Dolls” sounds like Pink Floyd on crack. Ever hear them bash on Nikki Sixx? It’s funny as hell. And basically anything they say about Rikki Rocket or Bret Michaels is great too.

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