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Sync Outlook with iPhone 3G

OK let me save you an hour of your life. You will need:

  • 1 USB cable
  • latest copy of iTunes
  • Your Outlook (I have 2003), computer and phone.

Based on this slightly out of date article, it’s advised to reset your sync settings first. It was necessary for me. You need to:

  1. connect your iPhone up with the USB cable
  2. open iTunes.
  3. Go Edit and Preferences
  4. Click the ‘Device’s tab
  5. In this release of iTunes, there’s a ‘Reset Sync History’ button. Click it and then click ‘OK’
  6. Now select your iPhone under ‘Devices’ from the column on the left
  7. Select the ‘Info’ tab on the horizontal menu
  8. Scroll down to the ‘Calendars’ heading
  9. Tick the box ‘Sync calendars with Outlook’
  10. Click ‘apply’ at the bottom right.
  11. Now click the ‘Sync’ button where the ‘apply button was.

And now you’re done! Don’t get sucked into buying stuff you don’t need. And thankfully you don’t need to sync every single option (e.g. your music and mail) you can sync only what you want. No need to buy additional software or MobileMe or anything. It’s all sorted.


  1. Thanks for the info. Does that mean you can only sync outlook calendar with iphone when iphone is connected to pc, and not when on the move?

    Is this the same for syncing outlook mail on computer with iphone?

    Yes. The alternative is the MobileMe application. This app apparently synchronises everything on your calendar and email wirelessly. But that costs like ten bucks a month or something!

  2. THANK YOU!!!

  3. I use Outlook at work, and want to sync and iPhone to that calendar, but also want to download music from the iTunes library on my home computer. Can I set things up so that the iPhone has access to data from both installations of iTunes?

  4. I used Outlook 2007 in a standalone capacity and it sync’s fine with my iPhone 3Gs. BUT each morning when I restart Outlook it tells me data file is corrupt and spends time checking it.

    From past experience with synching other devices I suspect iTunes is not correctly closing the connection to Outlook. The problem occurs even when I make sure I disconnect the iPhone and shut down iTunes before closing Outlook.

    Any suggestions on what can be done to stop this?


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