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You Am I Let’s Be Dreadful Tour

Saw the boys last night at the Westernport Hotel in San Remo gig. Absolutely mind-numbingly fantastic. It sounds like the boys have really been rehearsing for months, hard. They’ve also tarted themselves up with some new suits and lighting so it all looks great too. Davey Lane’s even bought himself a new Epiphone Casino guitar, in the same piss yellow natural stained finish as mine. Nice one! One things for sure, You Am I have really got their stage production shit together. They looked brilliant.

To be honest, I was still in two minds about the latest album, thinking it’s a bit too Radioheady. So the gig starts with the stage lights coming on and some of the ‘samples’ from the latest album playing. They walk through the crowd onto the stage somberly, get up and just let rip with about 4 new songs non stop. I’m no longer so undecided. The new songs rock.

The album is still a bit too concepty for my liking, but it truly comes together live. And the mighty You Am I have lost none of there delivery. In fact, Rusty is hitting the skins harder than ever. His fold back kept visibly shaking the whole night!

Set wise, they played a decent spectrum of songs. And a very decent 2 hours worth! Virtually every song on the new album got a guernsey. At least 8 or 10 of them. At one point, Timmy unrepentently mentions that the band are playing what they want to play, fuck the singles. Although, Berlin Chair, Mr Milk and a hearty piss take of Heavy Heart were all in there.  The rest of the songs were mainly off Dress Me Slowly or Convicts. A big thank you to the boys for adding ‘Arse Kickin’ Lady from the North West’. That went down an absolute treat.

All in all, this was a beachy, small town gig and the whole vibe of the thing was great. The second support band Tame Impala(?) were unbelievable. Imagine the adolescent children of Black Sabbath and Syd Barrett Pink Floyd. That’s this Perth power trio in a nutshell. Totally trippy acid rock pulled off perfectly. They were young, but they cranked the psychedelic like they were 60 year old hippies. And if playing support for You Am I does for them what it did for Silverchair, watch out. These punk ass bitches could be the next Wolfmother! I’m not sure if Tame Impala are playing all supports but I hope they are. Not my style but a fantastic band.

Only complaint about the whole gig is Davey Lane’s hair. I’m fucking jealous! Timmy was his ever cocky self too, which is always good. Best of luck with the tour boys. If this show was anything to go by, it’s definitely one of the best tours I’ve seen you do. And I first saw you at Monash Uni circa 1996.

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