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6 brilliant podcasts

It's been a great year to discover podcasts. Here are some of the best.

It's been a great year to discover podcasts. Here are some of the best.

Hey y’all. Podcasts just rock. It’s pure, concentrated radio magic without waiting all day for the one cool program. Often it’s all the stuff you’d love to hear on radio that’s just far too out there to broadcast any time of day. As much as iTunes is rigid and inflexible, it’s by far the easiest way to get into podcasting. So use the iTunes keywords to search the iTunes store for these podcasts and subscribe.

1. Jonesy’s jukebox. Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols makes LA bearable. Not only does he keep the septics real, but he brings in a steady stream of English expats in Hollywood and special guest hosts. His Jukebox Jury episodes about anything and everything are not to be missed. Oh and for good measure, there’s regular jams with top shelf musos from Sweet to E from the Eels.

Itunes keywords: jonesy’s jukebox (comes up as Indie 103.1 FM podcasts) | Jonesy’s web site

2. Joe Strummer’s London Calling. Joe was possibly the coolest eccentric punk rock warlord that ever lived. During his brief tenure as a BBC host, he covered the world of music several times over. In this series the music is relived and rock legends and former mates alike remenisce their memories of Joe. A truly memorable, albeit finite podcast.

iTunes keywords: joe strummer – london calling

3. The Classic Metal Show. Neely and Chris are like the jaded, seen it all Seinfelds of metal. They dissect, antagonise and generally take the piss out of everything metal and ofter the poor schmucks who dial in. By and large, it’s hilarious and always topical. I for one am a big fan. If you lived cock rock and hair metal just long enough to laugh, this is for you.

iTunes keywords: the classic metal show | the CMS web site

4. Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Nardwuar will probably be the first and last podcast I will ever listen to. No one comes close to Nard’ in just plain weird, eclectic coolness. As Josh Homme describes him he’s rockin’ the plaid on plaid on plaid and has breath that smells like the arse of an apple, but no one does an interview as left of field and crazy as Nardwuar does. Sadly not available on iTunes because he got his XML wrong!

iTunes: not available | RSS feed | Nardwuar’s web site

5. On the Real with Chuck D – Air America Radio. Now is a great time to listen to Chuck D. Yes the Chuck D from public enemy. With Obama being elected, he’s got plenty to say and ain’t backward in coming forward about saying it. This is talkback, political radio without the suck.

iTunes keywords: on the real chuck D | web site

6. Keith and the Girl. Sure each episode starts with a Jewish prayer but they don’t finish on a pious note. This podcast is updated daily and is pure New York sleaze with a Yiddish tinge. Keith and the Girl are a married couple and very little of their life is left out. A great place to start is the extensive best of as they literally have hundreds of episodes. If you get really bored at work and just want to hear sexy ranting, bring on the Keith and the Girl

iTunes keywords: keith and the girl | KATG web site

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  1. About Keith and The Girl,
    First they should number 1!
    Also, it’s not a Jewish Prayer, not sleazy and they’re not really married…

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