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Tommy Chong’s pimped Prius

Well if you don’t know who Tommy Chong of the legendary comedy duo Cheech and Chong is, good luck to you. You suck. Much like the Toyota Prius does. And people apparently agree with me. Not only is the Prius recently announced the seventh least stolen car in the US of 2008, it looks like an environmentally friendly hatfull of busted organic arseholes. So clearly I’m not a fan.

But what could Tommy Chong possibly bring to the mix? Well thanks to him and the guys at Hippie Motors, clearly banking on his celebrity, he has quite simply the only cool Prius in the world. It might not go any faster, but it’s lowered, tinted and it just doesn’t get any blacker. It’s like it’s had emotherapy or something.

At one point, Tommy reckons that he had hydraulic low rider suspension, but had it removed because the ride quality was hideously bad. The interior is bespoke too. One thing’s for sure, if I had to drive a contrived eco celebmobile it would be this one. Thankfully, I think only Tommy can get away with it.

Both Cheech and Chong were recently interviewed on the Jonesy’s Jukebox podcast. In the hour and a bit interview, Tommy talks for a few minutes about the beast amongst other things! We can all only hope that when we’re in our seventies, we can be as cool as Tommy. Maybe then I can pimp my mum’s four cylinder Magna.

Daves not here man. Hes locked in the trunk.

Dave's not here man. He's locked in the trunk.

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