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How to move icons on your iPhone

Because Apple apparently don’t believe in manuals, here’s a feature I found by mistake the other day. You can move icons around on your screen, take icons in and out of the dock at the bottom and delete apps you no longer use.

Let’s take for example the email tab in the dock. Frankly iPhone isn’t ideally suited to email and I don’t use it for that anyway. So I wanted to swap the email icon in the doc for the SMS icon, which I do use. How do you do it? Easy!

1. Hold your finger down on the icon you want to move for about 5 seconds

2. All the icons on the screen will start to shake like you’re drunk! All wobbly like the room is spinning. Any apps you’ve installed will now have a little ‘X‘ next to theicon

3. touch and drag the ‘email‘ icon off of the dock, into the main screen area. The icons should still be woozy.

4. touch and grab the ‘SMS‘ icon and move it onto the doc

5. to stop your icons wobbling around, hit the actual button on the iPhone (you know the only physical button below the screen!). The icons will now be static again. Otherwise after a minute, they will go static anyway

At first I discovered this by mistake, thinking I was indeed drunk or the phone was playing up. But by the time you’ve added 10 or so apps and games to your iPhone, it’s a very handy function. So handy they should’ve bloody well told you about it in the first place!

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  1. There is an app with directions for using and optimizing the ios called ios5

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