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Rose Tattoo interview with CMS

The Classic Metal Show (CMS) have done another corker. They’ve got a good long interview in the can with none other than Angry Anderson of the Rosie Tatts. Chris and Neely of CMS and Angry seem to be pretty kindred spirits. Angry even went as far as anointing one of them as his angry deputy!

Angry tells some great stories about anything and everything from hanging out with Slash on Sunset Strip whilst recording his solo album, to taking the piss out of Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil. To be honest, I was really nicely surprised to see that the Rosie Tatts and Angry as lead singer, DO get the recognition they deserve stateside. Especially when so many Americans hear with shock and awe that AC/DC aren’t from the US! Yup, they cut their teeth in good old Australia.

Unfortunately you have to give a black mark to the CMS boys though. Although Rose Tattoo are clearly well known in US metal circles, they weren’t aware of Angry Anderson the media celebrity. It might come as a surprise to some non Aussies to find that Angry has done heaps for various charities. In one current affairs show at least a decade ago, he used his cebebrity and clout to get a K-Mart store to ‘donate’ $25000 worth of toys on the spot. By donate I mean walking into the store with cameras and taking them. No one says no to Angry! And this week just past, he got his boat race on a bush fire telethon quicker than you can say ‘tits up’ – which he in fact did!

So when Chris and Neely took the piss asking if he was mortified when Steve Irwin died, Angry more than likely would’ve known Irwin through his TV work. If not quite well. Anyways thanks to the CMS guys for interviewing Angry. It was a great surprise and a real treat. Next you have to really cover all bases and interview Turbonegro from Norway! Or the Iraqi metal band that just got refugee status in New Jersey Acrassicauda.

P.S. this interview is available by Podcast or several other options on their website

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