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Beware of two robber chicks in blonde wigs

Was at a private party in the back room of a hotel in Fitzroy last week. Party was for a friend’s birthday and went it without a hitch. That is until the next day at very early o’clock when the owner of a credit card was called. In about 5 hours, someone had stolen her purse (without her realising) and racked up at least a grand on it at the casino – including the taxi fare from the party there. Appartently it was two girls wearing blonde wigs that crept in when the party was peaking and crept out with the wind. They were all cool looking but still inconspicuous.

So I’m told, the two robber chicks were caught in the act at Crown Casino, probably in between purchases. They had a notorious history of credit card theft and one may have been on probation. Unfortunately a very sobering reminder never to let your guard down. And while Fitzroy bars aren’t the blood baths there were decades ago, every now and then the clientelle are still a little bit dodgy. Watch your back out there ladies!

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