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Hebron Korean Restaurant Prahran

On the corner of High and Williams Roads, you could very easily overlook this newish restaurant. While Hebron may conjure up images of Palestinian or Isreali food, it’s a very fresh view on Korean cuisine.  While the menu cites biblical inspiration for the name, it also is very quirkily categorises Korean classics under a Hollywood movie names (I think the mains were called Forest Gump). One thing is for certain is that this isn’t your typical generic Korean restaurant. It’s fresh, quirky and a little bit funky.

Despite all this, thankfully the food lives up to the livery. They have a baby squid dish (my memory’s on the fritz) that is superb.  There’s plenty of seafood and interesting salads. It does get quite a bit hot and spicy but nothing that’s overtly bum burningly hot for the sake of it (apparently my company and I went quite red). All the flavors work and everything has a contemporary touch to make it a bit unique. Heaps of Kim Chi and side dishes are there to spice up the journey as well, though I guess it wouldn’t be Korean without it!

Without question, this is a very original, truly unique cafe cum restaurant casual dining experience. One that definitely is worth the wander down from Chapel St, or at least off the beaten Williams Road track. This place might be a bit too cutesy for the lads, but it’s bona fide A grade date material. And it goes without saying, there will never be another Hebron. I hope this place does really well. They deserve it.

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