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Samsung Series 6 LED TV

For the unacquainted and perhaps normally uninterested, LED technology is the latest thing in TV. I would count myself normally in both categories. Thankfully it’s actually something quite special. Right now the Samsung is the latest thing out there. Don’t be wooed by the run out LCD Samsungs and sub $1000 plasmas, LED is the shizzle. Why? Well, firstly it’s super thin. Not just thin compared to traditional CRT screens, it makes cigarette papers feel fat. It also has a specially designed, albeit slightly more expensive than normal, slim bracket. With this dimmable led bulbs bracket the screen literally hangs from the wall like a painting. There’s literally about 3-4cm of width from the wall when mounted. That’s significantly thinner than plasma or LCD tellies.

Picture quality wise, it’s a perfectly dark picture, full of contrast. Put the superseded Samsung LCD next to the LED and for my money there’s a big difference. And not just in the price, because they’re really running those LCD tellies out cheap at JB Hi Fi. Sadly not cheap enough. Because look at them side by side and you can’t kid yourself. There’s a noticeable difference in picture quality. The speakers are exceptionally good for what they are and how slim the TV is. One downside is though that it only has optical audio out, which doesn’t work with my stereo system of choice. Aside from 3 HDMIs and a USB, you only get one composite port and a high definition composite port. So this may mean upgrading your DVD player etc to the latest spec equipment.

Feature wise, we contemplated getting the higher spec Series 7 or Series 8 TVs. Primarily because the have internet capabilities and can play videos from your media library using DLNA. These didn’t really stack up as who wants to watch grubby Youtube clips on a wide screen TV and I already have the capability to watch files from my media library. The Series 6 is more than enough.

If you are interested in LED, don’t be put off by the player haters. Apparently it’s not a true LED TV and is only back lit with LEDs. Count everything in the room and square root it by the number of fingers and toes you have, and that’s how little I care about that fact. Many places aren’t interested in selling these TVs yet, probably because they’re still stocked up with older models gathering dust. If you can wait they will get cheaper, great. I’m told they will be much cheaper at Christmas time. But you will be no closer to the end of the rainbow for waiting. There a great quality TV and well worth the investment now.

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  1. Make you right Matt, LED TVs do look the nuts.
    They have been selling like hot cakes here in the UK, even if all they are is ponced up LCD panels.

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