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Rock and Roll Geek vs Nardwuar! Rock!

Rock and roll geeks representin

Hairy rock and roll geeks representin'

Some weeks in podcasting are just gold. Michael Butler, the rock and roll geek in his aptly named Rock and Roll Geek show interviews Nardwuar the Human Serviette this week. These two guys are great rock nerds that have been doing podcasts for quite some time. Well Nardwuar has since before podcasts on college radio for decades!

But first let’s talk about the relative newbie. For a few months now I’ve been catching the RNR Geek Show through iTunes. Michael Butler [host] is a ‘have bass will travel’ kind of professional muso that focuses most of his efforts on podcasting these days. He’s played in bands such as Exodus and now plays in Jetboy amongst many others. Each week he puts out about an hour long podcast on anything from classic, commercially ignored rock albums to his favorite recipes. If nothing else, he’s very easy to listen to and extremely consistent. As a bass player, his insights into the recording of classic albums makes for good geek listening too.

Nardwuar is the master of a bizarre, kind of take-the-piss-and-run style of interviewing. Yet true to his bizarre roots, the quality of his research is often flawless, often flabbergasting the interviewee. He’s an icon in his native British Columbia, Canada and a veteran of plaid clothing! Since 1987, there’s no one that Nardwuar hasn’t interviewed – well no one that matters anyway. From getting dangerously close to offending a still young Henry Rollins, to blindsiding President Gorbachev in a passe press conference. He’s driven several interviewers to take unusual and often confrontation actions, including has been porn mogul Al Goldstein, has been Skid Row rocker Sebastian Bach and Alice Cooper. Along the way, he’s befriended Jello Biafra, Josh Homme and Joey Shithead from DOA to name a few and gotten himself beaten up by Sonic Youth!

In short there’s no one in this world quite as out there as Nardwuar, and this is one of very few times I’ve heard him as the subject of an interview. He still speaks slightly in character (perhaps he’s become the character) but also topically about his music, past experiences and how he earns a crust.

Despite not being through Mr Butler’s preferred feedback channels, I’d like to thank you very much for the Nardwuar interview. I share your admiration for the guy and he’s definitely a bona fide rock geek god. Definitely one of your better ones, a real surprise and a real treat. Keep it up. For the love of god, check it out!

ITunes users can find the interview by searching the iTunes store for ”. Otherwise find it on the Rock and Roll Geek Show web site. And don’t forget to check out the masses of interviews at! Doot-do-da-doot-do…Doot-do.

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