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You Am I self titled album review

Well it’s been several months since this album was self released by the band. Unfortunately it’s only been several weeks since they’ve delivered it. But more about that in a second. Seldom do I take to a new album so quickly. When served up on a 180 gram chunk of vinyl like this self titled opus is, the sound is amazing and instantly intoxicating.

Dilettantes took a lot longer to get in the blood. But once you see the boys play it, it really grabbed you by the cahones the way a You Am I album bloody well should. Maybe they just didn’t try hard enough? This album carries on the laid back, avante garde, possibly stripped down vibe of Dilettantes but has more depth. Side A seems to blend in with stuff off the last album, even Damage from Dress Me Slowly which all gels nicely. But the real stand out songs are when you flip the record over. The Ocean has a real simmering stoner rock meets Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys feel. Trigger Finger, with one of many guest female vocalist appearances is an absolute gem.

Davey Lane plays solos with such grace and restraint that in my mind he’s now a poster child for proper lead guitarists. Easily his best work with You Am I to date. Strangely though for an album that sounds so masterful and coherent, Tim Rogers talks of ‘sending tapes’ to Davey by post to work out licks for the album. It doesn’t sound like it at all. While purposefully not an all out rockin’ album of flannelette and pent up fuck you-ness (remember Convicts anyone?) I’d argue it’s one of their best. Hopefully all that lament they had for not being able to better Hourly Daily is over and they can put out more albums like this.

On that note however, this album was almost not put out at all. The self management/distribution that You Am I have embarked on has been an absolute Mongolian cluster fuck of the highest order.  Despite PRE ordering the album and digital copy about October 21 from their web site, it wasn’t delivered until about December 20. That delivery date was only met because after I requested a refund if they couldn’t fulfill the order that week.  I dare say that given an email was sent approximately 6 weeks into the debacle confirming whether we’d received our records yet, I was not the only one. Moreover the digital copy I’d purchased was not available until the album was released. Their web site made it look like you’d get it immediately for download. But there was only one sample track available for about 10 days.

If there was a lesson learnt, Tim leave the money making and corporate stuff to Gene Simmons. You guys are clearly not cut out or resourced well enough for it. Yes Gene’s a schmuck, but he would’ve licked all the stamps personally to get those records out on time. He would have at least given some sort of freebie to at least acknowledge the piss poor co-ordination on a bungled album release. But from this band, not one word. A total stonewall. Pretty disappointing.

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