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Death to Melbourne’s Mexican food

Since Mamasitas opened on Bourke St and routinely has a queue all the way out the door, Mex food has changed in Melbourne. Gone are the days of Franchised (and terrible) Taco Bill blandoid grub, from a memu that hasn’t changed in decades. Now we have something far worse: boutique Mexican. Hor dourves sized tacos and dainty quesadillas posing as mains at ridiculously high prices. Go ahead order up hipster, you’re still going to walk out hungry. Only in Melbourne could a couple order 10 mains ‘designed to share’ in Melbourne and go home hungry. While culinary wise it’s up to snuff, restaurants like Touche Hombre and Sinoritas in Meyers place are to Mexican food what Coldplay is to Rock and raping Roll. Don’t even think about booking a table. Oh no sir, you must queue so we look cool to passers by on the street. Or at the very least book at 6pm for dinner on a Friday to let a constant melee of hipsters pass through.

This brings me to my point. Food however good it is is not for pose value. Mexican food is at its best in large portions. Big lashings of mystery cheese, chili and guacamole. If you can see ‘white space’ on your plate, you’re doing it wrong. Three tacos means three sub sandwich sized big boys that you need to skip breakfast and lunch to make room for. This is food I like to share because it’s fun and very, very tasty. Oh yeah and the option of a normal margarita with block ice and good agave tequila.  This is what we’re missing in Melbourne. Luckily it gives us an excuse to travel. Because you ain’t gonna find the real thing in this city. That’s or god damned sure. Death to hipster Mex food.

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  1. mate, I couldn’t agree more. Rubbish Mex food is sure around us but its about time someone opens up a greasy good real Mexican restaurant, as cheap as dumplings in this city. There is still a gaping niche in this city that none of that hipster garbage could ever fill with its soul-less try’s.

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