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Seven Psychopaths movie review

Seven Psychopaths movie review

Yes it’s been awhile between drinks blogofiles. Anyways this movie was clearly good enough to break the blog dry spell.

A quick plot synopsis. Colin Farrell plays a bumbling writer with a killer idea for a script – seven psychopaths. Unfortunately between drinking bouts the idea is all he has. His actor mate tries to encourage him and desperately wants to be involved in the writing. To the extent that he even puts an ad in the newspaper asking for psyhopaths to share their stories with Farrell. Then suddenly everything goes pear shaped when a Shitzu dog gets kidnapped. His actor mate has a side line kidnapping dogs for ransom with a professional dog napper (Christopher Walken). And that’s about the point when life starts immitating life, as they realise they’ve kidnapped a major mafia guy’s (Woody Harrellson) beloved Shitzu.

Without a spoiler alert that’s about as much as you can say. Legendary emo crooner Tom Waits plays a psycho that responds to the newspaper ad. He pops up intermittently throughout the movie as a kind of sub plot. It is kind of hard to sum up this movie. You could describe it as a road trip movie, a Tarantino type B grade romp, it’s many things but all of them good. At times it’s almost a road trip movie. What you do get is an insight into seven or so completely different, and at times very likeable nutters. Kind or life immitating art immitating life.

Seven Psychopaths is nothing short of sensational. How that managed to get so many great actors in the one bill is amazing. Stand outs are Christopher Walken, well for being his hilarious-one-minute, massively dramatic the next self. Woody Harrelson too is also stand out as the film’s main bad guy.  Yes he’s proper scary, while being a completely funny douche at the same time.

One has to wonder if Farrell’s character, whose Irish and permanently hung over is a tad biographical. But he does his job well of gluing all these psychos together in a bizarre, constantly laugh out loud story line.

In short Seven Psychos is well worth checking out. For me one of the stand out movies of 2012.

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