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Nokia Lumia 1020 just plain rules

Edit. After a recent trip to Japan there’s something truly awful about this phone. It does not support Google Maps at all. Whether via an app or by web browser, Google have conspired to make Google Maps fail on Windows. A bit frustrating when you’ve spent months preparing a Google Map for your holiday.

As soon as I blog this, the thing will probably break! But I’ve had it for just on seven months now and it hasn’t missed a beat. Battery life is about 1.5-2 days, call quality is good and it does exactly what it should do. It’s a smart phone, not a smart arse phone.

Now the real shock, I love using Windows 8 – on a phone. I’ve heard it’s hideous to use on desktop and a tablet. However I’ve had no problems so far running it on a smart phone. It just does what you need it to do and gets on with it.

Now this phone’s party trick is the 41 megapixel camera. As far as I can see it’s actually 36+5 megapixels. In other words it takes a ginormous photo and a regular one. So your phone doesn’t crap out loading up detailed pictures. A bit cheeky but fact of the matter is it takes pretty good pictures. For the first time ever, I went on holiday with just the phone and not a camera. No regrets. Just awesome shots.

In the office it integrates perfectly with Outlook mail too, as you’d expect. You can do a lot more with meeting invites too than you can on Android or iOS. The Office stuff is on there too but I haven’t actually had to use that very much. From what I’ve seen of Microsoft Excel on the phone though, it’s pretty good.

This does raise a point though. On the ads they show a dad at a school talent show in the back row zooming right in. Bullshit. I’ve been to the Nokia store and they couldn’t zoom in any further than I can either. That’s the one thing about it that’s bogus. You can still do some quite sophisticated exposurey stuff you wouldn’t expect to do.

Of course smug Apple puritans gawk at the size, or indeed anything non Apple. You can never convince them and frankly who cares. You’ll buy a new iPhone every time the one button on the thing conveniently breaks. Coincidentally about the time your contract is up for renewal and a bright, shiny new model is about to go on pre sale. I don’t really buy into that any more. Apple users are becoming scarily evangelical, like a bunch of Mormons or something. I’m just over the Apple stuff.

Even worse are the Android nerds. “Oh but the processor isn’t fast enough”, “the specs aren’t good enough”, “there’s a blah blah coming out that’s going to be better than that”… frankly I don’t care. It does what it needs to do and does it really well.

Having said that, I don’t know about the black background on everything so much. Possibly it’s black to save battery life. The only other disappointment, you can’t access Google Play or any other decent book stores (I read a lot of books on my phone). There’s a Kindle app but I found the book selection there surprisingly disappointing. Despite that all the apps you will ever need have been ported across to Windows. Just plenty of what you need and nothing you don’t.

So whether this phone is good for you will suit entirely on your disposition. But if you want something with good battery life, an awesome camera that’s a no fuss phone, then this thing is pure win.

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