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Gudinski biography review

Gudinski biography review

If there was an Australian Ari Gold, it would be Gudinski. Like the fictitious Gold, he’s Jewish, jump-up-and-down-on-the-desk fiery, ambitious and has a finger in EVERY pie in the entertainment industry. Though sadly this bio was written by the faithful, mild mannered assistant Lloyd. It seems Stuart Coupe (an old friend and business associate of Gudinski) didn’t want to see his mate’s fiery temper – or his legal counsel.

Controversy wise, this book couldn’t lift the skin of a rice pudding. If the book sets out to share the critical success factors to Gudinski INC, it fails. Sure it talks about fiscal highs and lows but it’s too superficial.  If it sets out to be a kiss and tell, no holes barred, orgy ridden rock and roll party, it fails dismally. It hints about it but never kisses and tells. This is airport book store journalism at its most mediocre. Particularly if you love the acts like The Shyhooks that Gudinski was seminal to, you will be very disappointed. Aside from Red Symons making Gudinski cry (oh sorry I’ve just wrecked the best part of the book for you).

If Gudinski is the larger than his cheque book, then this book is not a fitting tribute. Which is sad because I bet Gudinski on fire would make Ari Gold look like a a boy scout Gang Show by comparison. I want tirades, rants, furniture thrown out the window, prima donna rock stars demanding their blue M&Ms and women that would make Gene Simmons blush. Early in his career Gudinski wrote off a brand new Jaguar E Type convertible, but that barely gets a mention here.  All I know is, I’m $30 out of pocket and pissed off. If this was one of his concerts, I would’ve rioted by now. As Molly would say, do yourself a favour and avoid this book. Gudinski clearly doesn’t need your money. Buy a Financial Review or whatever else they have at the airport book shop. It’s better than this. A sad disappointment of a bio for someone who has lived through the likes of Jimmy Barnes, the Skyhooks, the Rolling Stones and anyone else who’s ever made a dollar on stage in this land.


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