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Molly Meldrum biography review

Molly Meldrum biography review
molly meldrum

Forget Keith Richards, how is this man still alive?

S O   M U C H   C O C A I N E. That’s the only way that Meldrum can be alive. I stipulate cocaine and not speed because he’s obviously been partying – a lot. Had it have been speed the book would be twice as thick and he may have written some of it. For what it’s worth it’s an entertaining read, disappointingly not a great read. Hell, even my mum read it.

Why isn’t it great? Well it’s clear that there’s some ghost writing going on (hence biography). It wreaks of some serious editorial panel beating. But finally they managed to put something substantial together. He even admits to having a ghost writer albeit for the TV Week.

Why is it good? I didn’t realise that Molly was a friend to John Lennon since the late sixties. What’s more he broke the careers of so many people: Abba, Madonna, Michael Jackson. Not just in Australia but internationally. Not only making their careers but remaining a loyal and trusted friend. I particularly enjoyed how he shed some light on a rivalry between Rod Stewart and Elton John I knew nothing about. It was actually bloody funny!

If you were a Countdown kid, you’re in for a treat. He does spill the beans on how piss poor and short sighted the ABC was. Quite often they didn’t have enough film/tape to film interviews and just pretended to film so as to not offend the B grade celeb du jour.

Strangely most people my age would recognise Molly from Hey Hey It’s Saturday. But strangely there would be about half a page on ‘Hey Hey…’ in the whole book. Maybe Darryl Sommers threatened legal action (rumor has it he was an absolute prick back stage, check The Fauves ‘Every TV star has a dark side’)? This show was the biggest thing on Australian TV for a decade. How could he not remember!?

Maybe the old fella has just done so much and I’m being over critical. It’s a great read and well checking out. Australia may never have another larger than life personality like Molly ever again. Particularly if you like Elton John, or Countdown. Pour yourself a stiff vodka and cut up some rails Molly style and enjoy.

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