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Tag: new car reviews

BMW E61 525 Review

Well I needed something a bit fit for the weekend and the best on offer was a new BMW 525 with the M sports pack. It’s only the 6, which pales to comparison to its big brother V10. But when it comes to the twisties, it’s all car! First things first, this car is bloody […]

Saab 93x Turbo Convertible Review

Today was not a day for convertibles. Dry, dusty wind had me lusting for a big German luxo barge like an Audi A6 to thrum down the highways in, totally oblivious to the weather conditions. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be. After meandering through the rental car companies, it was down to either a Facladore […]

Seat Ibiza Review

For the past 1500 kilometres, ive been schlepping a Seat Ibiza from Central Croatia (Split) to the Istrian coast in the north. It’s been a heady mix of hair pins and B roads to autobahn style freeways with very liberal speed limits. Cut a long story short, it really is a bit meat and three […]

The XR6 Turbo Goes back

It truly is the end of an era. This Friday, i’m afraid the XR suffers a fate worse than death. No, not the knackers yard, the auction house. She’ll go under the hammer to her next owner like a lamb to the slaughter. Bugger. The two year lease has ended and I will be carless. […]

Z4 A simply awesome ride

Last time I rented a BMW the world seemed to change. All of a sudden I was driving around Toorak with a Swedish blond named Elin, searching for the Swedish Church, and that was just the 3 Series. But the 3 went back to Hertz and Elin went back to Stockholm. This time around, it’s […]